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How To Store Mushroom Spore Syringes

How To Store Mushroom Spore Syringes

So you’ve decided to enter (or continue into) the fascinating world of microscopy and taxonomy. Good news! You’re in the right place to find the best quality spores and learn more about these fantastic microbes.

MycoMatic takes pride in offering a variety of premium spores for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. Whether you are searching for Blue Meanies spores, Penis Envy mushroom spores, Golden Teacher spores, or more, your search ends here.

But, once you receive your tiny treasures, you must know how to store them. Proper storage is crucial for their future in your research. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or just starting out, check out these tips to keep your spores happy and ready for action.


The quality of the spore syringe you get initially really matters. If it's good — viable, unopened, and uncontaminated — you can store it for a couple of years in the right place. We'll explain what this looks like in a later section.

It's a good idea to check out your spores soon after getting them. Even if it's sealed and created in a super clean environment, it's better not to wait too long to check in case you need to return the order.

At Mycomatic, we take great care inspecting and packaging each spore syringe before shipment. Most orders ship in plain brown boxes without stickers, logos, or identifying markings. You'll get your products fast since we ship from over 20 warehouses and use UPS, FedEx, or other carriers that provide insurance and tracking.

It's essential to understand the shelf life of our spore syringes once you receive them. Spores are tough and can stay in the best shape for many years if stored correctly. These syringes can last up to a year and still be in good shape. But, if it gets too hot or damp, the spores might get damaged and won't be viable anymore.

Importance of Properly Storing Mushroom Spore Syringes

Quality is crucial when it comes to mushroom spore syringes, but so is storage. You bought these syringes for research, so keeping them in top shape is essential to ensure they get everything right. But why?

In microscopy, you zoom in on tiny organisms to understand their characteristics. It's a cool way for researchers to learn about mushroom reproductive cells and draw conclusions about the fruiting body. This research can reveal a spore’s age, chemical makeup, and whether it belongs to a specific strain. It’s not just informative but also visually appealing. Different shroom strains have unique and often stunning traits that are beyond amazing.

Microscopists apply these observations in taxonomy, which is naming and classifying organisms. This research is vital for understanding the natural world despite the lag in fungi taxonomy. There are, in fact, potentially 2–11 million fungal species on Earth.

If There Are So Many Spores, What’s the Big Deal About Storage, Anyway?

Why is proper storage such a big deal? First, you don’t want anything other than the spores you bought to appear when viewing under the microscope. Any bacteria or mold can mess up what you are seeing. The proper container will also keep the spores ready to make healthy mycelium. If you store them right, you can keep the spore syringes for a long time.

Knowing how to store mushroom spore syringes will ensure a smooth microscopy and taxonomy journey. From picking the suitable container to handling the syringes, every step helps and prevents unwanted issues.

Digging Into the Dirt on Clean Spores

Let's explore the details of storing mushroom spore syringes, covering all the steps to keep them in top-notch condition.

  • Keep the spore syringe away from direct sunlight and heat. This helps prevent the spores from becoming damaged or inactive.
  • Storing in a cool area with temperatures between 32°F and 50°F is best.
  • Make sure that the container used to house the spore syringe is airtight.
  • Rotate the batches of spore syringes you use rather than relying on one batch over time. This rotation will help increase your chances of successful results.

Proper storage of your mushroom spore syringes can make all the difference if you want positive outcomes. With a few simple steps taken ahead of time, success rates with mushrooms can improve significantly!

Optimal Conditions for Storing Mushroom Spores

Mushroom spores are like tiny seeds for future fungi wonders and rely on your care for safekeeping. Storing them requires careful consideration. The best place to store these syringes is a cool, dark, and cozy place. However, it's important to note that a refrigerator, not a freezer, is the ideal storage spot. Freezing can harm the spores.

The best temperature range for storage is above 32°F but preferably below 50°F. Doing this will help keep the spores viable, just like when you received them.

Moisture is another potential issue. Choose a dry storage area, such as cool cupboards or drawers, away from heat and light sources. An airtight container with a drying packet, such as a silica gel pack, can help maintain a dry environment even in a place where moisture is common, like your fridge.

The next best alternative is to find another cool, dark spot. Store spore syringes at the bottom of a drawer, shielding them from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and moisture. While this method may not guarantee the same longevity as refrigerated storage, it can still keep your spores viable for a significant period.

Techniques to Store Mushroom Spore Syringes

Correctly storing mushroom spore syringes should be at the top of any fungi professional’s list. Before buying any spores, ensure you have a plan for the proper storage technique ready. Don’t worry, though — it is pretty easy to store spore syringes with these two must-remember factors in mind:

  • Keep your liquid culture syringes in their packaging in a refrigerator until you need them. These packages are already clean and sterilized.
  • Use a super dry, sterile container and keep it refrigerated for spores. Make sure the packaging is sealed tight in a dry spot because spores don't like humidity.

Some fungi devotees organize their strains using a filing system like old library card catalogs. This system is beneficial if you have a large variety of spores. You’ll come up with your own method of organization as you get further into this invigorating activity.

What is the Best Way to Store Mushroom Spores?

If you have mushroom spore syringes for your research, you'll want to maximize their use. To do that, follow these tips to keep the spores alive and in good shape:

  • Keep them in the dark: Mushrooms love darkness, so keep the syringes away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid any heat sources – even room temperature can be too warm for the spores.
  • Store them in the fridge: The fridge is perfect for short and long-term storage. Aim for a temperature between 32°F and 50°F. Darkness is your friend here, which is a bonus for spore longevity.
  • Don't freeze them: Unlike other preservation methods, freezing is a no-go for mushroom spore syringes. The water in the solution expands when it freezes, breaking the syringes and rendering the spores unusable. Stick to fridge storage for these little guys!

How Long Do Mushroom Spore Syringes Last?

The longevity of mushroom spores depends on the particular species and the storage conditions they are subjected to. Properly stored syringes containing the spore/water mix for microscopy have a more prolonged use, potentially staying viable for years. You want your magic mushrooms’ spores to last, so a refrigerator with a suitable storage container is critical to long-term success.

Select an airtight container to serve as a secure spot for your spores, safeguarding them from both moisture and air. Adding drying packs into the container, like silica gel packets, is particularly effective at mitigating moisture. Gently position your mushroom spore syringes in the container, delicately handling them.

Seal the airtight container tightly. You don’t want any air to be able to seep in. Clearly mark the container with the correct date. Now you can place the container inside a refrigerator, somewhere it won’t be jostled. Storing them in a fridge will also shield them from harsh light.

Check your packages periodically. You only need a quick peek to ensure they’re still all good.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Mushroom Spores

Understanding the laws and regulations around spores is one thing. But keeping them fresh requires a different type of know-how. Let’s steer clear of some common storage slip-ups!

  • Don't leave spore syringes out at room temperature. Always pop them into your fridge, ideally between 32°F and 50°F, inside a clean ziplock bag.
  • Remember moisture. Store your spores in an airtight container with a drying packet to keep them dry and happy.
  • Don’t expose the spores to light, as it can weaken them. Make it a rule: cool and dark places, like the back of your cupboard or fridge, are best.
  • Refrain from jostling your spores too much. Find a quiet spot in the fridge where they won’t get knocked around.
  • Using containers that are not vacuum sealed is risky business. A tight seal means no unwanted air, moisture, or contaminants.
  • Don’t forget to include labels and dates; this will ensure clarity later on. Label everything with the content and storage date to track freshness.
  • Spores are delicate, and once you open the package, there's a risk of things going wrong. Our advice? Don't split the spores — use the whole kit for microscopy at once to increase your chances of success.

Navigating spore syringe storage demands savvy. Sidestepping these common mistakes will help you achieve your microscopy and taxonomy goals.


You now have all the information needed to maintain the best conditions for your spores. Your refrigerator will always be the best environment for them. It’s a cool, dark, and cozy place. But, if that is not an option, a cupboard or drawer works as well, with the right tweaks, as mentioned above.

Sticking to these guidelines will help your spores exhibit their greatest potential. With the less exciting aspect of storage out of the way, you can start shopping to your heart’s content at MycoMatic, your friendly mushroom spores store.

Jun 5th 2024

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